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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Business owners accuse federal employees of abusing 2-hour parking limits - 04.23


Minneapolis, MN: Net profits have nearly doubled between 2010 and 2014 - 04.21

More outdoor seating, less parking with Seattle, WA 'streateries' - 04.21

UK: Town’s traffic attendants insist the job is more than just tickets - 04.21

BMW’s Remote Control Parking 7 Series Looks Good – Video - 04.20

New parking rules to begin in Williston, ND next month - 04.20

Des Moines, IA: City Council to discuss parking rate increase - 04.20

PORTSMOUTH, NH: Garage project will bring jobs, increase tax base - 04.20

Which Campuses Take the Cake on Solar Energy? - 04.20

Washington, DC: District officials decry disabled parking fraud, but have failed to fix it - 04.20

Australia: A tacky tourist attraction or bikini-clad icon... has time run out for the Gold Coast's parking Meter Maids? - 04.20

Australia: Brisbane shopping centre gets set for ‘controlled’ parking later this year - 04.20

Macon, GA Action Plan combats downtown parking issues - 04.20

India: Parking ‘loot’: PMC panel for electronic ticket machines - 04.20

Hillary's 'Scooby' van idles in handicap spot - 04.18

Myrtle Beach, SC increases parking meter rates, citation fee increase likely - 04.18

Time Is Not Running Out for San Jose’s (CA) Defective Smart Parking Meters - 04.16

Armored car company enlisted to count Ridgewood, NJ parking meter coins - 04.16

ST. LOUIS, MO: Cardinals game parking leads to concerns over pricing, safety - 04.16

Ireland, Dublin: Motorists face clamping charge rise as council asks for hike in hated fee - 04.16

New Zealand, Christchurch: The future of parking in the Central City - 04.16

San Francisco, CA: Supervisors Pass Breed’s Bill to Loosen Some Parking Mandates - 04.16

Walnut, CA: Mount San Antonio College ordered to halt construction of new $48 million parking structure - 04.16

Lower gas prices mean few use Rock Hill’s (SC) electric car charging stations - 04.15

Fayetteville, AR: Citations Not Source of Revenue at the University of Arkansas - 04.15

The evolution of money is connected to smartphones, mobile payments and the Internet of Things - 04.15

‘Grace period’ in force for parking pay stations in Saskatoon, Canada - 04.15

Our TOD Bike Tour Showcased Chicago’s (IL) Parking-Lite Building Projects - 04.15

UCLA students appeal parking tickets issued in Westwood, CA - 04.15

Austin, TX: Tackling parking, transportation issues at University of Texas (UT) campus - 04.15

Stamford, CT Train Station Parking Garage Closed Due To Chunks Of Falling Concrete - 04.15

Pompano Beach, FL authorizes $24 million for beachside parking garage - 04.15

LA, CA: Garcetti to Consider Capping Parking Tickets at 23 Bucks - 04.15

BURLINGTON, VT: Public Works seeks parking ideas - 04.15

10 Tips for Cities Ready to Replace Car Parking With Safe Space for Biking - 04.14

City of Seattle, WA says parking spots contributing to high rent, recommends transit passes - 04.14

Does Florida have a weird law about elephants and parking meters? - 04.14

Lehigh Valley International Airport (PA) asks travelers to donate loose change to charity - 04.14

Free parking in Northwest Portland, OR? Not for much longer - 04.14

Return Of Giants Brings $100 Parking Back To San Francisco, CA - 04.14

Jacksonville, FL: Parking Department needs improvement in billing, collecting money, according to city's Inspector General - 04.14

UK: Private firms getting up to 100% of profits from hospital parking. Companies walking away with millions - 04.14

Cleveland, OH increases parking fees at meters and lots, opens Muni Lot for overnight parking - 04.14

LA’s (CA) Proposed Parking Signs Are Brilliantly Simple - 04.14

San Francisco: SFMTA is slapping stickers directly on parking meters to alert drivers of tow-away zones - 04.13

RICHMOND, VA: Parking tickets net city millions in revenue - 04.13

Stillwater, MN will revisit how to pay for downtown parking system - 04.13

Zimbabwe: Parking Sensors On All Bays By Year-End - 04.13

Canada: Regina's 5 worst parking scofflaws rack up $134K in tickets - 04.13

Pompano Beach, FL eyes $19 million beach parking garage - 04.13

Birmingham, AL: Mayor Bell signs new parking ordinance - 04.13

Parking reform group recommends LA, CA slash many fines - 04.13

Cottonwood, AZ: Christian family band members in deadly parking lot brawl - 04.13

JACKSONVILLE, FL: Residents fed up with Riverside parking problems - 04.10

The Best City Programs Promoting Electric Cars - 04.10

Group presents findings on downtown Denton, TX parking - 04.10

Here’s What Science Says About How You Can ‘Dress for Success’ ... or Happiness or Parking - Live and let live! - 04.10

Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee, smart garage will help with parking issue - 04.10

Bangor, ME: Councilor suggests parking meter alternatives - 04.09

Santa Rosa, CA: Ex-SRJC cop’s wife gets jail in parking meter thefts - 04.09

New Zealand: Car parking sensors replace paper tickets in Wellington trial - 04.09

Cincinnati, OH: Neighborhoods should get their parking revenue - 04.09

San Antonio, TX airport to get new parking garage - 04.09

Boston, MA to increase fines for parking in resident parking spaces during Red Sox games around Fenway Park - 04.09

Northwest Portland, OR Parking Plan: Will the new meters and zones help? - 04.09

Augusta, GA: Will Masters boast world's most beautiful parking lot, too? - 04.09

La Crosse, WI officials determined to make parking ramps more efficient. Parking Utility Board to look at fees, signage and parking gates - 04.09

Scranton, PA Begins Parking Enforcement Program - 04.09

Bike-sharing program to begin in Pittsburgh, PA next month - 04.08

Honolulu, HI: Is it illegal to use wheel boots in parking lots? - 04.08

Belmar, NJ doubles boardwalk parking fees - 04.08

Charleston, WV: City’s old-fashioned parking process too historic to be hip - 04.08

Fewer parking tickets yield more revenue for Toronto, Canada - 04.08

Indiana, PA parking garage pay system to stay same - 04.08

These ‘No Kardashian Parking’ Signs Are Taking Over Hollywood, CA - 04.08

Seattle, WA: Housing boom prompts parking shortage - 04.08

UK: What would a Miliband Government mean for motorists? - 04.07

Keene, NH parking meter increases to be considered this week - 04.07

Parking requirements in new Seattle, WA developments could be up for debate - 04.07

Savannah, GA planners seek input for downtown parking plan - 04.07

How can privacy survive in the era of the internet of things? Sensors for everything including parking meters - 04.07

Parking Rate Increase Has Fewer People Using Staunton, VA Lots - 04.07

UK: Ministers: We want an end to parking tickets - 04.07

Ridgewood, NJ mulls over automated parking garage idea - 04.07

CLEVELAND, OH: Prepare to pay! Big downtown events mean higher parking prices - 04.07

Knoxville, TN: New parking garages at University of Tennessee to feature LED technology - 04.06

Canada: Ontario government will move soon to tackle hospital parking fees, says health minister - 04.06

India: Mumbai has seen four-fold increase in parking since 2006 - 04.06

Easter treat in Philadelphia, PA: Free parking - 04.06

Saginaw, MI cracks down on parking violators in city and neighborhoods - 04.06

New York, NY: Personal parking is an essential perk, pols say - 04.06

Is paid parking helping or hurting downtown Great Falls, MT? - 04.06

Will Traffic, Parking Enforcement Always Be So Painful? $200 for 15 minutes of bad parking is a bad break. It happens all the time. - 04.06

Honolulu, HI: Waikiki Parking Lot to close for 2 years - 04.06


Allentown, PA proposes doubling parking meter rates around PPL Center - 04.06

Wilmington, DE: Hotel du Pont parking lots sold to Buccini/Pollin - 04.03

New ‘Easy-to-Decipher’ Parking Signs Introduced in LA, CA - 04.03

UK: Parking firm apologises after motorists fined when staff forgot to put clocks forward - 04.02

Parking Industry / Company News

Parking in New York City stinks. Here's how to fix it; Xerox; Donald Shoup - 04.23


Rutland, VT: Treasurer details parking deck deficit; LAZ Parking - 04.23

Wyman Roberts, Douglas Waggoner Elected Directors of SP Plus Corporation - 04.22

Park Assist Launches the M4, the Most Sophisticated Camera-Based Sensor System in the Parking Industry - 04.21


Pittsburgh, PA: Pay, park and ride: Port Authority must read the market carefully - 04.21

WAIKIKI, HI: State and city parking meter shutdown; Moana Parking Management LLC - 04.21

Parkhound Launches Street Parking Finder - 04.21

5 solar and EV partnerships making our world much, much cleaner; SolarCity and Tesla Motors; Powertree Services; SunPower*; Envision Solar - 04.20

Melbourne Software Company Anahata Announces New Software Applications for Parking Business - 04.20

Earth-Friendly Parking Lots Now A Reality With TrueGrid Permeable Pavement - 04.20

Purple Parking acquire Meteor Meet & Greet from VINCI Park UK - 04.20

Kapsch TrafficCom expands ITS portfolio - smart parking provider Streetline acquired - 04.20

The Man Who Changed the Way We Think About Parking; Donald Shoup - 04.20

San Francisco, CA: All Meters Now SFpark-Ready — More Demand-Based Parking Pricing to Come; Donald Shoup - 04.19

Noribachi and Intelligent Energy Light and Power overhaul USA Auto Group with LED lighting retrofit - 04.18

Parking BOXX Receives Certified Aboriginal Business Designation - 04.18

Smartphone app may help parking meter enforcement resume in Munhall, PA; Meter Feeder Inc - 04.18

Long Beach, CA parking meters are taking — and facing — changeInstallation Of New Smart Parking Meters Starts Monday; IPS Group - 04.16

UK: Don't know how to pay for parking by phone? Ask a librarian for a lesson; PayByPhone - 04.16

Australia’s number 1 online car parking marketplace, Parkhound wins Best Victorian Startup Award - 04.16

UK, London: Royal Borough latest London authority to adopt PayByPhone parking app - 04.16

Boston, MA: App users share parking spots; SPOT - 04.16

New parking meters ‘getting closer’ in Swarthmore, PA; Passport - 04.16

Newark, DE commissions downtown parking study; Tim Haahs & Associates - 04.16

Denver, CO: Would you rent out your car for free parking? Flight Car - 04.16

Allentown, PA City Council doubles parking meter rates near PPL Center, extends hours; Allentown Parking Authority - 04.16

HUB Parking Technology is the first company in the parking industry in Canada to be certified by Chase Paymentechfor its EMV Contactless Solutions - 04.15

HUB Parking Technology is the first company in the parking industry in Canada to be certified by Moneris for its Contact EMV Solutions - 04.15

Walker Parking Consultants Designs Major Parking Facility - 04.15

Parking Panda Launches New PandaScan Hardware Technology to Seamlessly Automate Redemption Process for Parking Garages Nationwide - 04.15

Ford envisions the future of parking. Translogic Heads To Georgia Tech For A Demo Of Ford's Remote Parking and Parking Spotter Programs - 04.15

7 Parking Apps You Can Use in the Boston, MA Area; SpotHero; Spot; Veer; ParkWise; ParkBoston (Passport); Zwayo; TicketZen - 04.15

ST. LOUIS, MO: New parking meter app encourages on-street parking for Cardinals games; Parkmobile - 04.14

Jacksonville's (FL) Parking Czar, Jack Shad - 04.14

Study Finds Benefits in Extending WeHo’s (West Hollywood, CA) Parking Meter Hours; Civic Enterprise Associates - 04.14

‘Smart’ parking meters hit streets of Seattle, WA, charge fee based on time; IPS Group - 04.14

Boston, MA: Parking apps help Fenway fans get a leg up on Opening Day; SPOT; SpotHero; ParkingPanda - 04.14

Seattle, WA gets smart parking meters; IPS - 04.14

Join Parking Today and PIE2016 as we celebrate 20 years of service to the parking industry, 02.28 - 03.02.2016, Las Vegas, Nevada - 04.13

National Parking Association (NPA) Announces Parking Strategy eBook - 04.13

Washington, DC DDOT's newest performance parking program will be its best; ParkDC; SFPark - 04.13

Aspen’s great parking heist. $700,000 later, the City of Aspen, CO is struggling to find the perpetrators; Colorado Independent Consultants Network - 04.13

Bend, OR set to study downtown parking situation; Diamond Parking - 04.13

Parking Space May Be Final Frontier in the Sharing Economy; CARMAnation - 04.13

I’m surprised that they get you there at all - JVH PT Blog - 04.13

More Parking Options Coming to Kelowna, B.C., Canada; paybyphone - 04.10

Short-term cost to city for removal of parking meters in MGM Springfield, MA footprint pegged at $4K a month; Springfield Parking Authority - 04.10

Ace Parking has partnered with the BluCar app to offer a unique parking service in some of San Diego’s busiest neighborhoods - 04.10

Morristown, NJ discussing new parking deck; Morristown Parking Authority - 04.10

How to Repair a Parking Crater in Three Steps by Donald Shoup - 04.10

6 Innovative Apple Watch Features that Can Save You Money; PayByPhone Parking - 04.10

27% of Luas Park + Ride Customers Choose to Pay with parkbytext™ – 61% of those transactions originate from the parkbytext™ APP - 04.10

MobileNOW! Enhances Industry’s First Merchant Validation Program - 04.10

More spaces for disruption: This Australian startup is really driving innovation; Parkhound - 04.10

Federal prosecutors accuse Florida businessman of bribing former Portland parking manager; Ellis K. McCoy; George R. Levey; Cale Parking Systems USA Inc. - 04.10

How parking apps will help you find a spot for Rockies opening day in Denver, CO: Parking Panda; CurbStand; SpotHero; Parkmobile; L.E.G. Valet; BluCar app; ParkMe; BestParking; Parkifi; Passport Parking; MobileNow - 04.10

Harrisburg, PA parking: Pango will honor drivers' mistyped validation code for free parking; Standard Parking, SP+ - 04.09

Carmel, CA parking program: Minor changes made; Parkmobile; Digital T2 Systems - 04.09

Downtown San Jose, CA parking meters' flaw: They flip to 'expired' when trucks pass; IPS Group - 04.09

EPCO’s New Standard Luminaire Retrofit Kit is Most Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade T5 and T8 Lighting to Energy-Efficient, Highly Reliable LED Lighting - 04.09

SKIDATA posts record: 7,000th parking system installed - 04.09

Carmel, CA refines downtown paid parking program; Parkmobile - 04.09

No More Circling the Block, Thanks to IoT; Streetline’s Parker™ app - 04.08

Free meter parking in Bethlehem, PA April 11 with use of phone parking app; MobileNOW - 04.08

Laramie, WY: The University of Wyoming experiences sharp rise in parking tickets; Paul Kunkel, the manager of UW’s Transit and Parking Services - 04.08


HID Global Unveils ActivID Tap Authentication Solution with Microsoft Office 365, Will Demo at RSA 2015 - 04.08


Parkmobile Executive listed among Georgia’s Who’s Who in Auto Innovation Automotive/Transportation Tech Leaders listed in the latest issue of Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) publication - 04.08

Pismo Beach, CA hires consultant to help address parking needs; Walker Parking Consultants - 04.08

Buffalo, NY: Allpro Parking to handle Conventus garage, valet service; Richard Serra, Allpro Parking LLC - 04.07

Park Assist® Unveils a New Brand Logo, Signaling Transformation into a Business Intelligence Company - 04.07

TAG’s Hub Magazine Features Georgia’s Auto Innovation Sector. Cover Article by Parkmobile CEO Cherie Fuzzell - 04.07

Meters help give homeless a hand up in Indianapolis, IN; ParkIndy - 04.07

Philadelphia, PA: With No Hint of Irony, Indego Arrives and Consumes Parking Spots by The Pair - 04.07

$250K in upgrades planned for Rick Husband Amarillo (TX) International Airport; Republic Parking - 04.07

Is Parking in Boston, MA Too Cheap? This Man Thinks So; Donald Shoup - 04.07

PIE 2016 Las Vegas promo video -- see You next year in Vegas! - 04.06

Uber Would Crush Ford (NYSE: F) Ford Wishes it Could be Uber; Zip Car - 04.06

Los Angeles, CA New Parking Signs Are Brilliant and Every City Should Copy Them; LADOT - 04.06

‘Cha-ching’ parking crises get easier to fix in some areas of downtown Las Vegas, NV, Brandy Stanley; Passport; Parkmobile - 04.06

Carl Walker, Inc., wins International Concrete Repair Institute's (ICRI) 2014 Award of Excellence - 04.06

Beauvais Airport takes parking to the next level with ParkCloud - 04.06

Allpro Parking Healthcare to start operating Conventus Parking Garage - 04.03

Allpro Parking LLC Welcomes New Staff and Restructures Leadership Team - 04.03


Duke Hanson joins the PayLock team - 04.03

Ten parking lessons from Don Shoup - 04.02

Boston, MA: Bye-bye, $1.25: Smart meters could spawn ‘surge’ pricing for street parking; ParkBoston and Passport; ParkMobile - 04.02

Parking Industry Exhibition 2015 (PIE 2015) – A Record Breaking Event -- JVH PT Blog - 04.02

Gabe Klein on How Washington, DC Built a Smarter Parking System: Parkmobile - 04.02

Megabus Partners With Parking Panda to Offer Travelers Cheap Parking - 04.02

Boston, MA Parking App Expanding To All Metered Spaces; Passport - 04.02

ParkBoston App To Work On All City Meters By End Of Summer; Passport - 04.02

Norfolk, VA Successfully Implements North America’s Leading Mobile Parking Payments Service; Passport - 04.02

To pay parking meters in Champaign, IL there's now an app for that; Passport - 04.02

Congratulations to Barbara J. Chance -- 31 Years of Chance Management Advisors, Inc. - 04.02

San Francisco, CA: SFMTA Encourages Baseball Fans to Go Green to Giants Games - 04.02

The Art of Parking Analytics -- Matt Darst, Vice President of Parking and Mobility Solutions, Xerox’s Local Government Transportation Division

This is not a pipe.


Ceci n’est pas une pipe. Belgium artist Rene Magritte painted “The Treachery of Images” in 1929 to show that things are not always what they seem.

This, in fact, is not a pipe. It is the portrayal of a pipe, the semblance of a pipe. 

Similarly, more and more companies are portraying their ability to host big data, provide reports, and offer system dashboards as analytics. That work, though valuable, does not constitute true analytics. 


Ceci n’est pas analytiques.


Why do I say that? Because “analytics” has become the buzzword du jour. The notion has been watered-down through overuse in a marketplace hungry for differentiation. In truth, analysis and analytics are very different things. The simple provision of reports and dashboards fails in two ways. First, the provision of datasets alone does not reflect a real understanding of patterns. Comprehending patterns is critical to identify behavioral trends, the impact of technology, and the effectiveness of business processes. Second, these tools don’t communicate those patterns and their importance to decision-makers. 

Only through data classification, data clustering, the application of statistical and economic theory, predictive modeling by data scientists, and machine learning can we completely understand parking habits. It’s this knowledge that affects positive behavioral change, determines the rate of return on hardware and software, and improves operations. 

Through analytics, we should come to recognize and understand patterns in data. Through analytics, we gain insights to guide decision-making. Through analytics, we can make recommendations to improve parking. 

Analytics isn’t reactive. It’s a call to action. 


Painting a complete picture of parking. 

The application of analytics to parking and mobility should address one or more of three critical objectives. 

Transforming the customer experience. Time is the new metric. While client revenue and efficiency are critical, those goals are largely divorced from the customer experience. Time, however, speaks to us universally. It’s a precious and limited resource, and when it’s wasted, it’s gone forever. 

Optimize operations. Data can guide decisions about how we manage our resources and staff, reducing costs and improving parking revenues.

Improve sustainability. Analytics is key to understanding returns on investment, managing demand, promoting driving alternatives and green technology. 


Making parking easy.

Parking is a process, and a difficult one at that. It begins before a motorist ever puts his or her keys in the ignition, when one first starts thinking about a trip. It continues through the drive, as the customer tries to understand signage and find a space. Paying for parking, adding time to a meter, exiting, and even dealing with parking tickets are all part of the parking process. 

Analytics can be used to make parking more convenient. For instance, analytics can:

Drive the right parking meter mix. Parking managers struggle with the decision to implement free flow or pay by space parking. Does free flow parking really create more space, or do the parking habits of customers limit the benefits of such an environment? The use of video analytics to establish where cars actually park and the distance between them can help determine the right asset mix to ensure the greatest number of available parking spaces, thereby reducing travel times and improving revenues. The right solution isn’t always the one you think. 

Establish the right hourly rates. Parking administrators shouldn’t take a “finger in the air” approach to setting rates. Using machine learning, rates can be adjusted as frequently as necessary to effectively communicate occupancy and manage demand. In Los Angeles, for instance, the implementation of analytics informed demand-based pricing reduced parking congestion by 10% in overused areas and improved use of underutilized areas by 5%. 

Help parking managers understand purchase patterns. How much time are your customers spending pressing buttons at a pay box or single space meter? The amount of time spent pushing buttons can be reduced. By studying meter purchases and appropriately modifying the default purchase values in Indianapolis, the City was able to reduce the number of button pushes by 50% to 75%. Less time spent playing with a meter means more time customers get to spend doing what they want.

Inform the redesign of signs and messaging. Using analytics, parking managers can be judicious in how and where they install street signs. Analytics can guide decisions to optimize the benefit of signage to direct customers to cheaper parking options, provide them with information about payment alternatives, promote bicycling, and make using kiosks and meters easier.

Ensure time limits are not arbitrary. Too often, the maximum amount of time a customer can stay at a meter is set by an ordinance or regulation without any real understanding of occupancy, shifts in demand throughout the day, or unique demand generators—businesses like restaurants, merchants, gyms, and concert venues—on a block. In fact, time limits rarely correlate to the goals of a parking program to reduce the time spent dealing with meters, increase use in underused spaces, and reduce the use of congested spaces. Indianapolis used analytics to reevaluate traditional time limits, establishing new limits that increased paid use in underused areas and meter revenue by more than 20%, increased the percentage of credit card payments, and reduced meter wear and tear by reducing the number transactions.


The parking palette.

Like artists, parking managers are only as good as the paint on their palette. Analytics informs the tones and hues necessary to realize one’s vision, mixing policy decisions concerning time limits, locations, hours, rates, payment alternatives, and compliance to get the right pigment. 


In addition to rates and time limits as discussed above, parking managers can optimize parking operations by using analytics to determine the right location and hours for paid parking. Further, administrators can help solve the problem of scarce parking resources by using predictive analytics to identify parking citations before they happen. Using a variety of data components, data scientists can make recommendations to improve productivity in sustainable ways while also improving compliance with the meters.  

Data can be used to establish and recommend:

• The right enforcement, maintenance, and collections staffing levels during different times of the day

• The size and shape of the beats to be worked by enforcement personnel

• Routes for enforcement personnel to walk and drive to optimize their productivity

• The right fine amounts to promote compliance without impacting revenues

• The impact, if any, of customers parking at meters with remaining paid value on total system revenue when changes to meter programming defaults and time limits are made. By periodically providing this analysis, we can ascertain whether meter policy changes are protecting revenues and municipal margins

In Indianapolis, similar efforts allowed the correlation between vehicle occupancy and paid meter parking to improve from .70 to .982.


Making art affordable for everyone.

By using data proxies, parking managers can reduce the number of sensors necessary to detect parked vehicles. A smart grid need not be an expensive grid if information about equipment and consumer behavior is properly leveraged. Improvements in efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of parking can be achieved by moving to an “asset lite” approach to parking infrastructure. By using data proxies and temporal and spatial sampling, cities can mitigate the risk associated with equipment outages and improve wayfinding for customers.


Parking for Art’s Sake.

Parking managers are no different than artists really, using their critical and discerning eye to paint a compelling parking portrait with analytics. Being a good artist takes practice, and parking professionals should set aside time to hone their analytical skills. Like the Impressionists, don’t be afraid to lean on your community of artists to provide fresh analytical perspectives and ideas, share results, and find your muse. 

Parking is like art. Both are essential to vibrant neighborhoods, ensuring economic vitality and quality of life. When executed well, your parking program can be a masterpiece.



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