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Cincinnati, OH collecting millions more in revenue than expected but the city has lagged behind is parking revenue - 08.04

Chicago, IL: Cash-Strapped City Reaching Back To Decades-Old Parking Tickets - 08.04

Nazareth, PA to open 56-space parkling lot on South Main Street - 08.04

Australia: Geelong hospital precinct parking rakes in more than $1 million a year for council - 08.04

We’re Grading the Parking Lots of L.A. Whole Foods Stores Tips for getting in and out with the least amount of agony - 08.04

Record-breaking pay parking revenue in Breckenridge, CO - 08.03

Leg Work: Parking on Portland’s crowded summer streets is a breeze if you ride your bike. The city – and others in Maine – are installing bike racks to encourage cycling - 08.03

Parking violators don't pay up. One driver has accrued $11,000 in Vancouver, Canada fines since last year - 08.03

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA: Time Machine: The parking meter. Iowa native helped invent the device - 08.03

Dulles International Airport, VA, adds parking option, adjusts some charges - 08.03

Sacramento International Airport (CA) adding ticketless parking option - 08.03

Houston, TX: Astros fans victims of parking lot scam. Technology, parkingApp could be a solution - 07.31

Spare parts arrive in Sycamore, IL. Officials pick up surplus parts from Joliet to keep penny meters working - 07.31

Princeton, NJ Parking Ticket Revenue Back Up Almost 2 Years After `Metergate’ - 07.31

NJ: Handicapped parking rules still cause confusion, anger - 07.31

Does the city of Sacramento's, CA parking revenue strategy open the door to yet another arena lawsuit? - 07.30

Viral Facebook photo proves parking is a headache in San Antonio, TX - 07.30

Chicago, IL: Less Parking, More Bike Racks Under Mayor's TOD Ordinance Expansion - 07.30

'Women-only' parking: sensible or sexist? Frankfurt Airport is one of many places in Germany to offer women their own 'bigger and nicer' parking areas.

Salem, MA to sell reserved parking spaces - 07.30

California DMV cracks down on misuse of disability parking placards - 07.30

Houston, TX: Going to an Astros game? Good luck finding good parking - 07.30

Chicago, IL: Emanuel to introduce privatization rules to avoid repeat of parking meter debacle - 07.29

Butte, MT: The county seeks proposals to pay for, build and operate a parking garage - 07.29

Improved Muni-Meters Coming To NYC - 07.29

Modest Miami, FL proposal: Build small near transit, ditch parking. Walkable urbanism - 07.29

Seniors say Detroit's, MI new parking meters will cost them big. They don't have smartphones - 07.29

Myrtle Beach, SC looking to enact time-restricted parking in parts of downtown - 07.29

Amherst, MA parking report provides action steps to address downtown parking needs - 07.28

Houston, TX: Workers evacuate new Hobby parking garage after gas leak - 07.28

To drive or not to drive: Parking permit price hike hits some Oakland, CA neighborhoods; $35 to $82 makes You go Hamlet - 07.28

Melbourne, Australia: RACV proposal to cut city parking spaces for bike, vehicle lanes - 07.28

350 more parking spaces coming to downtown Austin, TX - 07.28

Los Angeles, CA: The struggles of being disabled before ramps, special parking, legal protections - 07.27

Jackson Hole, WY: Civil liberties worries still tangle cops' license tracking parking system - 07.27

Tampa, FL: Starbucks banned this man for protecting handicapped parking spots - 07.27

Mapping the automation of automobiles; Nokia Here - 07.27

NIAGARA FALLS, NY: Outstanding tickets add up to $2M, officials considering the 'boot.' - 07.27

Houston, TX: Parking headache. Regulations that require minimum spaces fit no coherent policy rhyme or reason - 07.27

Vancouver, Canada parking space set to sell for $45,000 - 07.27

Downtown Sacramento, CA parking rates likely to rise - 07.24

Parking lot attendant at Ultra Car Park Systems garage, NYC, gives Grandmaster Flash’s car to wrong guy - 07.24

There's free parking as Blacksburg, VA deploys new meter technology. The town continues to work on its new parking system - 07.24

Bicycle advocacy groups call for crackdown on double parking in Jersey City, NJ, beyond - 07.23

Seattle, WA targets worst parking scofflaws. The wrath of the boot - 07.23


New Orleans, LA: Parking Officers Parked Themselves in Coffee Shops - 07.23

Winston-Salem, NC: Parking deck repairs could total $900K - 07.23

New Orleans, LA: Probe shows parking officers taking extended breaks during shifts - 07.22

A Car Full Of People With No One Driving; National League of Cities - 07.22

Pope Francis the Urbanist. Mayors from around the world are gathering this week at the Vatican, which has quietly put together a record of urban innovation both inside its walls and across Rome - 07.22


Town of Breckenridge, CO, Breckenridge Ski Resort at odds over funding parking, transit improvements - 07.22

Chicago, IL: Are Rogue Meter Maids Sticking It To Parkers One Bogus Ticket at a Time? Fitbit, parking apps, parking tickets - 07.21

Detroit, MI Installs State-of-the-Art Parking Meters - 07.21

Washington, DC: Which Metro parking lots fill up, and which don't - 07.21

Tiny Parks Coming Soon To A Parking Spot Near You in Washington, D.C. - 07.20

Winnetka, IL: New Trier grad expands school parking with matching service; Parking X-Change - 07.20

Commerce Township, MI: Woman, 63, fatally crushed by parking lot gate - 07.20

L.A., You Stink at Parking - 07.20

Detroit, MI proposes higher parking rates, gets new meters - 07.20

New Zealand: Free parking created 'huge boom' for Nelson CBD - 07.20

Pensacola, FL: Old parking meters get new look for homeless campaign. “Better Way to Give” initiative - 07.17

Top 10 unpaid parking ticket scofflaws owe Greenwich, CT $8,580 - 07.17

Indianapolis, IN: Indy (Gently) Nudges Developers Away From Parking, Toward Transit. The Indy Rezone plan gives breaks to buildings that provide bike, car-share, or bus access - 07.17

Parking Enforcement "error" may cost DC $1M in refunds - 07.17

MEMPHIS, TN: Valet parking squeezes out free street parking downtown - 07.17

New Haven, CT wants to use old parking meters for donations for homeless - 07.17

Canada, Fredericton: Six 'Kindness Meters', meant to crackdown on panhandling, are being installed downtown - 07.17

West Palm, FL parking meters create small-change problem - 07.17

Parking garage collapses at Wilson Hospital in Johnson City, NY - 07.16

New Parking Plan in the Works for Sacramento, CA?

Indianapolis, IN: City encourages less parking, more mass transit and car sharing - 07.16

UK: Smash Britain's parking meters? Now there's a clever idea. These West Wales vandals may have hit on a way to save Britain's flagging high streets - 07.16

London, UK: Parking space for sale with eye-watering £390,000 price tag - costing MORE than the average supercar - 07.16

Charlotte, NC: Customers, businesses on Camden Road not happy with parking meters - 07.16

New Baltimore, MI explores adding parking meters downtown - 07.15

MARQUETTE, MI: Day in the Life of a Parking Enforcement Officer - 07.15

How 5 international cities are going car-free. These metropolises are enticing residents to ditch their cars. - 07.15

Should Jacksonville, FL raise parking rates for first time in nearly three decades? - 07.15

Will parking meters solve the parking problem in the Blackstone District, in Omaha, NE - 07.15

Manhattan Beach, CA Residents Feel Ambushed By Holiday Parking Tickets, Want Them Dismissed - 07.15

Aurora, IL City Council committee recommends extending city, Waubonsee Community College parking pact - 07.15

Public Works director: Parking situation might be better than you think. New spaces on the way for downtown Greenville, SC - 07.15

Finding a spot for parking in downtown Carbondale, IL means knowing where to look - 07.14

Are last year's unpaid parking tickets in Harrisburg, PA null or not? - 07.14

Rochester, NY: Midtown Parking Garage open for business - 07.14

Chicago, IL: O'Hare International Airport's cheapest parking lot set to close - 07.14

80 years ago, parking device got its start in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. On July 16, 1935, 150 mechanical metal meters began charging a nickel per hour of parking in certain areas downtown - 07.14

Philadelphia, PA: Hospital Rooms, VIP Access or Suburban Parking: Which Will Be Scarcest for Pope’s Visit? - 07.13

UK, Socotland: Driver hits car, building in world's worst parking effort - 07.13

The Next Audi A8 Will Drive Itself - 07.13

Helsinki, Finland to have little need for parking space in 2030 - 07.13

UK: Anger over parking machines that refuse to take cash - 07.13

Hundreds coming to this Seattle, WA neighborhood, but where's the parking? - 07.13

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY: Several parking lots in Yellowstone National Park will be closed this week for paving - 07.13

Washington, DC government gives green light to parks in parking spaces - 07.13

Portsmouth, NH: Man takes out full page ad, hilariously rages against parking fine. "Live free or die." - 07.13

Islip's, NY new electronic parking meters at the Maple Avenue ferry terminal get mixed reviews - 07.13

Australia: Parking fines at Questacon attracting thousands of visitors - 07.13

Parking Industry / Company News

4 Uber drivers cited at LAX have serious criminal records - 08.04

Employment Opportunity: SALES AND MARKETING, Parking and Revenue Control System manufacturing team in Van Nuys, CA - 08.04

LPR technology comes of age. Pelco; PlateSmart - 08.04


UCF (University of Central Florida) launches Passport, mobile parking payments - 08.04


App available for New Hope, PA parkers; Parkmobile - 08.04

Albany, NY parking chief could get $130G to leave. Upon termination, pact calls for 3 months' notice and a year's pay. Albany Parking Authority; Municipal Citation Solutions - 08.04

ParkCloud General Manager Named One of Parking’s Most Influential Young Professionals - 08.04

University of Twente optimizes campus parking with Nedap and Vialis - 08.04

Passport Expands In Pennsylvania as the Leader in Mobile Payments for Parking - 08.04

Coin Keeps Track of Your Car’s Location and Parking Meter; AwareCar - 08.04

The Connected Car. Parking Industry Wakes Up To The Potential Of In-Car Payments By Cherie Fuzzell, CEO of Parkmobile - 08.03

What Really "Matters” - “People Matter” - JVH ParkingToday Blog - 08.03

Global Smart Parking Market 2015-2019. Key Vendors: Amano McGann (Amano), Deteq Solutions, IPS Group, Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas, SP Plus, TransCore - 08.03

Charlotte-based Passport allows smart-phone users to pay for meters via app in Columbia, SC - 08.03

St. Paul, MN: How to respond when someone complains "There's no parking"; Prof. Donald Shoup - 08.03

2015 NPA Convention & Expo: Convention Schedule - 08.03

The Wyandanch Parking Garage in Babylon, NY Honored as Transit Project of the Year; Walker Parking Consultants - 08.03

Parking in Columbia, SC? Ditch the change. Just take out your cell phone. You got Passport - 08.03

Stock up on quarters: Omaha, NE plans to extend parking meter hours; Walker Parking Consultants - 08.03

Toronto, Canada: Rover model worth pursuing. Prof. Donald Shoup - 08.03

Time expiring on city of Missoula's, MT vintage parking meters; T2 Systems - 08.03

No Coins? No problem! Passport Parking is Here! New, convenient way to park in Timmins, ON, Canada - 08.01

Parking Management Services of America (PMSA) CEO, Eric Vargas, Awarded NPA's Inaugural "40 Under 40" - 07.31

Uber is at the Front Door. Don’t wait to get wiped out. Arm your business with “data analytics” now! By Wen Sang, Smarking Inc - 07.31

Damariscotta, ME: ‘Parking should be friendly, not free’; Brett Ruhmann, Cale America - 07.31

This on-demand valet service will soon drive you and your car home. Drive Home Service in LA by Luxe Valet - 07.31

Meet the 40 Under 40 at the NPA 2015 Convention & Expo! August Issue of Parking Today available on line - 07.31


State to start new parking plan with fees at Maalaea, Maui, HI harbor; Diamond Parking - 07.31

Privacy & ParkDetroit: Questions & Answers. Continue the conversation on Twitter at #ParkDetroit; Genetec; Passport; Cale; Duncan Solutions - 07.31

Pay for Parking on Your Phone, Port Washington, NY Adds New Parking Spots; Pango - 07.31

car2go expansion emblematic of Vancouver’s car share shift. 141 street parking stalls taken out of general use and dedicated to car sharing companies - 07.31

Global off-Street Parking Management System Market: Technological Advancements to Propel Growth of Market at 9.1% CAGR During 2015-2021 - 07.31

Uber cleared to serve Memphis, TN airport - 07.31

Chicago, IL Towing Company Rendered Services Accused of Moving Cars to Illegal Spots - 07.30

Flying Under the Radar: Top 3 apps that ease travel and expense pains; SpotHero - 07.30

Yes, Virginia … Becoming the Change with ‘TowIt’ By Astrid Ambroziak, Editor PakNews.biz - 07.30

Libertyville, IL approves parking garage concept plans; Walker Parking Consultants - 07.30

Tap an app to pay for parking in Columbia, SC; Passport - 07.30

MobileNOW! and Complus Data Innovations Integrate - 07.30


National Parking Association (NPA) Honors Parking Industry’s Most Influential Young Professionals - 07.30

Detroit Uses Tech to Modernize City Parking. The new ParkDetroit system is made easier with the download of the ParkDetroit smartphone app powered by Passport - 07.30

Impacts of Cash-Based Pricing by Bob Youakim, Co-CEO at Passport - 07.29

ASHEVILLE, NC: Urine-soaked garages delay $390,000 city parking contract; Chartwell Staffing Solutions, Inc. - 07.29

City of Columbia, SC launches PassportParking mobile app for downtown meters. Passport also develops “Catch the Comet,” a mobile ticketing system for COMET bus riders - 07.29

L.A.’S Union Station Unveils State-of-the-Art Parking Technology; Sentry Control Systems; SKIDATA - 07.29

KEYTOP wins contract to install car finder system at Hangzhou's first one-stop shopping centre - 07.29

Philadelphia, PA: A mobile app called Parking wants to be your parking assistant. Don't tell the PPA - 07.29

A Mobile Parking Feature Fully Integrated Into a Comprehensive Parking and Security Management Software Solution. Tomahawk Technologies Inc. announces Text2ParkMe; OPS-COM - 07.29

'High tech' parking coming to Little Rock, AR Clinton National Airport; Dupline Parking Guidance System, Carlo Gavazzi North America - 07.29

Plan to share info from license plate readers raises privacy questions; Pittsburgh Parking Authority - 07.29

National Parking Association (NPA) Relaunches Certified Parking Professional Exam in New Online Format - 07.29

Signage Free Mobile Parking Software Helps Colleges; GoParkit Technologies Inc - 07.28

Mobile Parking Apps – Israel. By Jacob Ryan - Anagog; Parko; Parklife; Polly; Pango; CelloPark - 07.28

Why is there so much Tech News? - JVH ParkingToday Blog - 07.28

FlightCar will rent your car in return for free airport parking - 07.28

Awards Lunch at NPA 2015 will honor this year's Innovation Awards winners & the 40 Under 40 inaugural class - 07.28

Lakewood, OH Hospital parking garage needs $5.2 million in repairs: consultants; Allegro Realty Advisors - 07.28

AwareCar will tell you where you parked (and remind you to put change in the meter) - 07.28

The “ParkDetroit” app is being launched on Tuesday. Cale America; Passport; Genetec Inc.; Duncan Solutions Inc. - 07.28

Up and Coming Startups in the Up and Coming City; Passport - 07.28

Downtown Albany, NY parking free an hour earlier as long-term rates rise; Albany Parking Authority - 07.28

Towing Service Options for Parking Administrators; Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (DTS) - 07.28

TIBA Parking Systems Announces New Investment - 07.28

Passport Q2 ‘15 Shows Impressive 31% Growth from Q1; Over 32,000 Parking Spaces Added - 07.28

Pay-by-Phone Technology Now Available for Cincinnati’s, OH Parking Meters; Passport; Xerox - 07.27

Sp Plus Corp (SP) Discloses Form 4 Insider Selling : Exec. James A Wilhelm Sells 6,000 Shares - 07.27

Parking app ParkWhiz coming to Greenville, SC; Lanier Parking Solutions - 07.27

Can networked lighting find you a great parking spot? Perhaps a journey of 1,000 SKUs starts with a single parking break? Sensity Systems - 07.27

You have to LIE to succeed - JVH ParkingToday Blog - 07.27

Time expires for city's old parking meters. To use new ParkDetroit system, including 4 new vendors, know your license plate number. Cale America; Passport; Genetec Inc.; Duncan Solutions Inc. - 07.27

Industry Leading Passport Mobile Pay Has Arrived In Cincinnati, OH - 07.27

Sydney, Australia adopts 'world's first' e-ink parking signs. YOU SHALL NOT PARK, say wizardly auto-updating Kindle-tatic screens; Visionect - 07.27

What's harder than owning a car in New York? Parking it. With high-rises replacing garages, startups fill gap with valet service; Luxe - 07.27

Guide To The Best Parking In Downtown Chicago, IL; ParkWhiz; Parkopedia; GreenWay - 07.24

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job by Carolyn O'Hara, Harvard Business Review - 07.24

Dear Cities: Fight Apps with Apps by Daniel Bliley, Marketing Director at Passport - 07.24

Why SPOT's Parking Solution Could be Great for Arts & Culture - 07.24

Parking Kiosks May Be Unsafe. City of Ithaca, NY Parking Director Frank Nagy comments - 07.24

Minneapolis, MN stays the course on major parking contract. MPLS Parking, ABM Parking Services - 07.24


Eimpound.com aims to increase the efficiency of the parking industry through free online notifications; Locator Technologies - 07.24

Cincinnati, OH parking meters allow motorists to use smartphones to pay; Passport - 07.24

This Twitter Thing Really Works - JVH ParkingToday Blog - 07.24

Trial of app parking system proposed in Lake Geneva, WI to work with Luke II (T2 Systems) parking kiosks. Parkmobile, Passsport & PayByPhone to be considered - 07.24

Auto apps you should know about: Openbay; PlugShare; SpotHero; Urgent.ly; Waze - 07.24

Parking tickets given to Norfolk, VA drivers who paid on app, Passport. The city is looking into whether a technology problem or human error led to the tickets - 07.24

Uber: Transit Agencies Must React by Charlie Youakim, co-CEO at Passport - 07.23

Drivers can now pay Cincinnati parking meters using their smartphones; Passport - 07.23

New York City Caves on Plan to Cap Uber Drivers - 07.23

SpotHero seeking a sharp, personable, and highly-organized Operations Associate to support their Washington, DC market’s growth, customer satisfaction, and operating efficiency - 07.23

Luxe, a startup that fixes the worst thing about city driving, just launched in New York City - 07.23

Feeding Cincinnati Parking Meters With Smartphone App; Passport - 07.23

Has the Parking Business Changed in the last 5 Decades? Not Much! - ‪‎JVH‬ ‪ParkingToday‬ Blog - 07.23

City wants us to get smart about parking. App system proposed for downtown Fort Wayne, IN; considering a few different mobile-payment apps, including Passport - 07.23

Passport Transforms University Parking Technology Nationwide - 07.23

Canopy Airport Parking Offers New “Heroes Discount”; Propark America - 07.23


Taking the Social Media Plunge @ the C-Level by Stephanie Newby. Brought 2 our attention by Kathleen Laney: "Today’s CEOs are recognizing that having a well-defined & consistent digital strategy is mandatory 2 interact w/ today’s customers"

"Curtis Lee (CEO, Luxe) sketched out hypothetical scenarios where cars being parked by Luxe could be added 2 the Uber network so its valets can drive them 2 make money in the interim. The result would reduce the cars parked in the garage & ..."

Imagination is more important than knowledge - by Ruth-Ellen Henry-Ovid

Passport: Starting From the Bottom. A conversation with Parking Technology Today and Charlie and Bob Youakim. "We’re working hard to keep our customers happy and drive this industry into the future.” - Bob Youakim

"Have you measured the true effective cost of processing cash in your environment? ... Would you rather have 100% of nothing or 97% of a purchase because you accepted payment cards?" - Bob Youakim, Co-CEO at Passport

ParkDetroit: "The city of Detroit will be home to the most comprehensive and customer-friendly parking meter system in the entire country." Collaboration of Cale America, Passport, Genetec Inc. & Duncan Solutions Inc.

35 Habits That Make Employees Extremely Valuable. Every employer wants employees who contribute to the overall success of the company. Here's how the best bring long-term ROI by BY KEVIN DAUM Inc. 500 entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Uber: Transit Agencies Must React by Charlie Youakim, co-CEO at Passport - "So, instead of regulating the impending monopolies that are being created – why not create the system, directly control the operations and benefit from the revenues directly?"

“Mcity” for Autonomous & Connected Car R&D: The test environment (Mcity is adverse to calling it a mere “test track”) is supposed to replicate “the broad range of complexities vehicles encounter in urban and suburban environments.”

In urban communities, an open parking lot not yet ripe for development can be the perfect union of developer and parking operator. ... Mount Vernon Triangle: Recently, the lot’s fence line has been turned into a canvas ...

Use parking apps 2 find lots, garages, valet & meters. A host of apps related 2 parking make the typically awful business of getting rid of your car temporarily into an option that's easier & frequently cheaper or w/predictable price - Glenn Fleishman

The Two Headed Snake: How to Lead Your Company With Two CEOs. Agree to Agree. Share the goal, divide the role. If you're confused, so is everyone else. Be first to share praise and first to accept blame. Perpetually reevaluate roles ...

"We’re open w/ our employees. We’re open w/ one another. We’re open & honest w/ our partners, our parking operators, our consumers. It could be about price disparities, it could be about mistakes we made, anything." Nick Miller CEO Parking Panda

There will be no roadside parking places in Helsinki, Finland 15 years from now. It will instead be possible to have a self-driving car pick you up in ten minutes by pressing a button on your smartphone.

A Rising Tide … JVH "Does a rising tide REALLY raise all boats? When JFK speechwriter Ted Sorenson was looking for something to help sell the then senators economic policies in Massachusetts, he borrowed the concept from a local chamber of commerce."

Cale Announces Apple Pay Enabled Pay Stations. Next-Generation Payment System Adds Customer Convenience and Security. Cale’s contactless payment option will allow customers to quickly and easily pay using their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch.

PayByPhone Tackles the Challenges of Urban Mobility with Mobile Payment Innovation. PayByPhone, a world leader in mobile payments for parking, is disrupting the traditional parking landscape for cities and consumers.


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